Friday, July 26, 2013

I'm Still Cooking, But....

Hi there!  I say to no one in particular.  I don't think too many people view this site. 

This blog is for me to have a place to share and view my favorite recipes from the past year.   I have really enjoyed it.  I make these meals all the time for my family.

But I'm taking a break from recipe writing and creating new foods.  I'm still cooking but I'm focused on other things now.  I'm more than just a good cook after all.  I do writing of all kinds - stories, poetry, news articles, etc.  I've always been a creative writer.  I wrote my first poem in the fifth grade and won grand prize at my elementary school.  Ever since then, I've been hooked on this whole writing thing.   I enjoy reading all types of literature but my real passion is to write about real life, what I'm doing, how crazy my kids are, what we do together and more. 

Recently I have had two articles published simply because I wrote them and then pitched my ideas to a few different editors.  I was happily surprised how well received they were.  One is about a creative reading program you can do with your children.  The next one, coming out in September, is about my family's healthy eating habits, how we got rid of all processed foods and how we support our local farmers and farming communities.  I will share that one here once it's in print! 

I'm entering writing contests, from humor topics to essays.  I search every day for a new opportunity.  I can't believe how many free contests exist out there with winners having the chance to receive prize money and be published.  Hell yeah!~ 

In other news - I am also on the job hunt.  After being home with my girls for a year, it's time to enter the work force again.  I'm so glad I have been a stay-at-home mom not once but twice for my family.  It made a huge difference in our health and sanity.  We never could have made the switch to no-processed foods if I wasn't as committed to cooking at home as I have been in this past year.  Now that we have perfected that and that dollars are needed, I am ready to move on to a career.  Wish me luck!  I know that any employer would be lucky to have me.  I just have to find the right place that I will love and want to give my heart and put my determination toward.

So that's what is happening with me.  If you came across this site and liked what you see, thank you!  I will probably still post from time to time but certainly not that often or every week like I was doing for awhile.  Life takes you in new directions and you have to roll with it.

Have a great day.  Keep cooking.  Keep being healthy.  It will pay off! 


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  1. Great to stop by and see you are doing good! The girls are so big! They do grow fast. I wish you much success in your job hunt! Take care, Candi