Thursday, January 17, 2013

Cucumber Sub Sandwiches

On the days when I don't have leftovers from the previous night's dinner and I am forced to make my lunch, I want something quick and easy.  These are the moments when I miss having a simple sandwich -- just pull the bread out and your favorite condiments, meats, cheese, etc.  A sandwich is so simple and can be so satisfying if made right.  

Well rather than be depressed over not eating bread anymore, I decided to view all the available vegetables at my fingertips as my "bread" instead.  Enter cucumbers and zucchini.  Since zucchini isn't always available at my farmer's market or grocery store, I opted to make a cucumber sub sandwich a few days ago.  The end result was surprisingly good, surprisingly filling and surprisingly messy!   When I looked at my empty plate full of juices and condiments that fell off, I was reminded of my former days of chowing down on a roast beef po' boy or Philly cheese steak. 

Try it.  Your body will thank you.

Cucumber Sub Sandwiches
(Serves 1 adult OR two hungry kids)

1 cucumber, preferably from a farmers market or your own backyard
2-3 slices of deli meats - your choice (I love the Applegate Farms organic chicken, turkey and ham)
toppings of your choice - cheese, tomato, lettuce
condiments of your choice - organic mustard, mayo

There is no exact amount to this recipe.  It's just to show you that everything you could normally eat on sandwich bread can be placed on a vegetable like a cucumber.  Or a zucchini.

First peel your cucumber slightly.  Make it into stripes or strips.  Like this:

I wouldn't peel it all the way because then it will be too slippery to handle.  If you like all the peelings, keep them on.  It's just my preference to have it this way.

Now slice your cucumber in half, length-wise.  Then slice the halves into halves so that you have four equal (or as close to equal as you can make it) pieces.  Like this:

Then assemble your cucumber sub sandwich.  Spread on any condiments you like.  I enjoy an organic mustard and mayo that I buy at a whole foods store.  Place your deli meats on two of the sliced cucumbers.  My favorite type is the smoked chicken, roasted ham and herb turkey made by Applegate Farms.

Put whatever toppings you like on your "sub."  I added sliced roma tomatoes and hunks of all natural Amish Country cheese.  Here's what my sandwich looked like before I placed my cucumbers together:

I then placed the other slices on top to "sandwich" them together.  I warmed them in my microwave for about 35 seconds to melt the cheese and warm the meat. 

Then I ate every last dripping bite of the sandwich.  I was very full too.  It was at least three hours before my hunger came back. 


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